Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is the most well known professional golfer of all time, and one of the best players in the history of the sport. He currently ranks second of all-time in Men’s Major Championships and PGA Tour wins. He also holds the record for being recognized as the best golfer in the world for the longest amount of time. 

To keep his body in peak physical form to continue outperforming his competitors year after year, Woods uses a number of supplements, and follows a fairly strict diet of lean meats, vegetables, and fruits. Keep reading to learn exactly what kinds of supplements Woods takes, and the diet he maintains.

Tiger Woods Supplements

What supplements does Tiger Woods take?

Woods has endorsed this supplement. Whether he takes it himself isn’t entirely certain. 

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According to a number of sources, Woods uses this supplement.  

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Tiger Woods Diet

For the most part, Woods claims to eat healthily with a lot of lean meats, vegetables, fruits, and seafood. That being said, Woods has said in the past that steak and potatoes is still his favourite meal. He claims to eat between five and seven meals a day, and avoids junk food. Here’s an example of what Woods would eat on any typical day.

Breakfast: something high in protein and low in fat, like an egg-white omelet with vegetables.

Lunch: Also a high protein meal that’s low in fat, such as grilled chicken, vegetables, and a salad. Here, Woods may also substitute fish for chicken.

Dinner: A high protein meal similar to what he ate during lunch, such as chicken breast, vegetables, and mixed greens.


Image Credit: “Tiger Woods” by KA Sports Photos is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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