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Coleman is regarded as one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time.Ronnie Coleman’s muscles are so big, his tank tops barely even cover them. It’s as if he’s the hulk in-between the stage of human and beast. How does Coleman measure up to other body builders? Take this in: Coleman won the Mr. Olympia bodybuilding competition eight years in a row. And as if that wasn’t enough, Coleman also held the world record for the most competitive wins out of all  International Federation of Body Building professionals.

If that doesn’t tell you something about Coleman’s level of bodybuilding expertise, I don’t know what would.

While Coleman has since retired as a professional body builder, his knowledge of bodybuilding is virtually unparalleled. He also continues to exercise regularly, and supplements are—and have always been—a big part of his fitness routine.

So whether you’re trying to get big, or simply looking to get in shape, you would be wise to take a few tips from one of the greatest of all time by augmenting your exercise with some quality supplements. And exactly what supplements does Ronnie Coleman take? Find the list below.

Ronnie Coleman Supplements

What supplements does Ronnie Coleman take

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Ronnie Coleman Diet

Aside from the supplements that Ronnie Coleman takes, he also follows a fairly regular diet plan that includes a number of staple foods. A lot of the foods that Coleman eats are high in protein and fibre, which allows him to maximize his body building results. All-in-all, Coleman’s diet plan includes 546 grams of protein, 474 grams of carbs, and 150 grams of fat. His total calorie intake is a whopping 5562 calories per day.

Here’s what Coleman’s day looks like:

10:00 a.m L-Arginine supplement (3 – 5 grams)

10:30 a.m 3/4 cup of grits mixed with cheese, two cups of egg whites, and a cup of coffee.

Pre-workout (12:30 p.m) Single serving of pre-workout supplements (according to dosing directions on the package) and L-Arginine (3 to 5 grams)

Post-workout – Single serving of BCAA supplement.

4 p.m – Two chicken breasts (8 ounces each), 1.5 cups of brown rice, 1.5 cups of red beans, and two pieces of cornbread.

6:30 p.m L-Argine (3 – 5 grams)

7:00 p.m. Two chicken breasts (8 ounces each), and one medium sized baked potato.

10:00 p.m Filet mignon (9 ounces), chicken breast (five ounces), one medium sized baked potato, french fries, and a pink lemonade to drink (8 ounces)

12 a.m Single serving of BCAA supplement.

1:30 a.m Four scoops of whey powder supplement.


There you have it! Nothing completely out of the ordinary. Like most body builders, Coleman uses Gold Standard whey protein, as well as his personal brand of pre-workout supplements, carbohydrate supplements for post-workout, as well as some general vitamins. So if you’re looking to give your muscles a boost, try adding these tried and true supplements on top of your regular diet and exercise.

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