Conor McGregor

In 2016, Conor McGregor became the first UFC fighter in history to hold two championship titles at the same time. With a featherweight championship belt in one hand and a lightweight championship belt in the other, McGregor gave the world yet another reason to call him the “notorious” one—aside from his infamous trash-talking and crowd-rousing antics.

McGregor remains one of the most talented fighters in the UFC, and even made a foray into professional boxing a try, facing off against Floyd Mayweather Jr. in 2017. He also remains the biggest earning pay-per-view draw in MMA history. To keep his body at peak performance, McGregor follows a strict diet and supplements routine. Here are the supplements and foods that he eats.

Conor McGregor Supplements

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Conor McGregor Diet

In interviews in the past, McGregor has said that he follows a pretty specific diet. According to McGregor, he doesn’t care much for carbs and if he’s going to eat them will normally reach for a sweet potato or butternut squash. In terms of meats, McGregor enjoys high quality, lean meats like grilled or baked salmon or chicken, or steak with vegetables and fruits.

Breakfast for McGregor is normally an omelet with an Americano to drink. McGregor also makes sure to hydrate thoroughly, and enjoys drinking coconut water. 

Here’s some of the meals McGregor has eaten in the past and showcased on social media:

1. Marinated chicken breast with a mixed greens salad, sweet potato, and rice.

2. Chicken breast, corn, mixed greens salad, beans.

3. Chicken breast, salmon, mixed greens salad, and a smoothie of berries and greens.

4. Chicken breast with green beans and peanut butter energy balls.

Here are the meals McGregor ate leading up to his fight with Floyd Mayweather, in chronological order, with the last meal taking place about a month before the fight.

  1. Baked apple slices with peanut putter spread on top, eggs, and an avocado. (Breakfast)
  2. Honey and ginger chicken topped with sesame seeds and green onions, with white rice. (Dinner)
  3. 3. Rice curry topped with fish.
  4. Sliced apple, sliced potatoes, an avocado and chicken.
  5. Egg topped with onion, spinach, and smoked paprika, with potato wedges, sliced avocado and bison, with sriracha sauce.
  6. Chicken, tequila lime shrimp, served on rice.
  7. Sliced potatoes and avocado, eggs, spinach, and possibly cauliflower.
  8. Red tuna steaks with chili powder, smoked paprika, salt and pepper, cooked for 1 minute on each side, 20 seconds on each end, served on rice with sweet potato fries on the side.
  9. Chicken kebabs and rice.
  10. Sliced potatoes, scrambled eggs with spinach, meat, and two slices of jalapeños.


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