About Us

James Stoneman is a former body builder and cross-fit athlete who currently works as a personal trainer in Los Angeles. Certified with a masters degree in biomechanics and exercise science, Stoneman has helped train a number of professional and up-and-coming amateur athletes, helping them to reach their full potential through training, diet, and safe supplementation.

Stoneman created Final Strength to serve as a single-stop data base for the best workout routines, exercise equipment, supplements, and dietary strategies in the world. He aims to not only share his broad wealth of fitness expertise with the world, but also to explore the routines and habits of some of the world’s top athletes, fitness gurus, and leading health experts.

The interesting thing about the training habits of professional athletes and fitness experts is not only how much overlap there is in terms of diet and supplementation, but also how much variation there is. As you use this website to explore some of the most effective training methods and dietary/supplementation strategies in the world, you’ll quickly learn how important it is to listen to your own body and adopt the habits that fit your unique needs. We hope you use this as a resource to find those exercise routines, workout equipment, and supplements that will get you into the best shape of your life, so your best life can finally take shape.