Ray Kurzweil

Ray Kurzweil is an American inventor and futurist who has created enough modern technologies to once be deemed “Edison’s rightful heir”. He currently works as Google’s Director of Engineering. Among other technologies, Kurzweil invented the “image scanner” and “optical character recognition.”  Kurzweil also wants to live forever. These are his strategies for, hopefully, reaching immortality.

Kurzweil reportedly takes 100 supplements per day, down from 250 a few years ago, which adds up to about $1 million per year spent on supplements. While this is likely unmanageable for most of us (both physically and financially), Kurzweil has disclosed what he considers to be the most important supplements to take. For those, Kurzweil claims he takes PhosphatidylcholineResveratrol and Ubiquinol. He says his top three supplements are: Coenzyme Q10, Phosphatidylcholine, and Vitamine D. Here’s where to find these products:

Ray Kurzweil Supplements

What supplements does Ray Kurzweil take

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Ray Kurzweil Diet

In general, Kurzweil focuses on “healthy” carbohydrates such as whole wheat breads, and foods that can fill you up using less calories. He also eats dark chocolate in the morning for breakfast, which he claims is an anti-inflammatory food that can potentially add years to your life. Who would have figured?

Kurzweil has only given one complete example of what he eats for a meal, and that meal is breakfast. Kurzweil’s breakfast is reportedly made up of: berries, smoked salmon and mackerel, dark chocolate infused with espresso, vanilla soy milk, stevia, porridge, and green tea.

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