Mike Rashid

Mike Rashid is a heavyweight boxer, body builder, author, and fitness guru from the United States. With nearly a million followers on Instagram, Rashid is looked upon by many for fitness, bodybuilding, and general health advice. To maintain his perfectly sculpted form, Rashid follows a very strict diet and supplements routine.

Rashid currently follows a strict vegan diet, crediting it with a number of positive physiological changes he’s experienced. He also follows a time-restricted diet where he only eats one meal a day. Keep reading to learn more about Rashid’s diet, as well as the supplements he takes to build muscle and maintain his form.

Mike Rashid Supplements

What supplements does Mike Rashid take?

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Mike Rashid Diet

Mike Rashid switched to a vegan diet a few years ago and credits it with major improvements in his health and physical form. He says that cutting out certain inflammatory foods like red meats helped him to recover from pain he was experiencing in his knees, and says that his vegan diet works “like a miracle.”

Rashid also engages in a practice where he only eats one meal per day. This one meal will consist of something like a massive portion of roasted vegetables, accompanied by a protein shake with peanut butter, coconut milk, and mixed greens.

The practice of restricting one’s eating to a specific, limited time each day has being gaining popularity among health and anti-aging experts. Typically known as “intermittent fasting,” this diet is believed to lead to a number of positive physiological changes such as a reduction in inflammation, increasing energy levels and stamina, burning fat while maintaining muscle mass, and more.

Rashid says that he follows Cory Gregory’s Anabolic fasting guidelines.

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