CT Fletcher

CT Fletcher, AKA the Superman of Compton, is a 59 year old body building expert and social media personality from California. A three-time World Bench Press Championship and World Strict Curl Championship winner, Fletcher is known for his muscular physique and blunt motivational style. With millions of subscribers and social media followers, Fletcher is often looked upon for fitness and body building advice.

To build out his monstrous form, Fletcher uses a number of workout supplements, and follows a protein-heavy diet full of lean meats like chicken and turkey breast. These are two supplements that CT Fletcher has confirmed he takes.

CT Fletcher Supplements

What supplements does CT Fletcher take

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Here are the supplements CT Fletcher personally sells:

Source: https://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/fitness-360-ct-fletcher.html

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CT Fletcher Diet

CT Fletcher follows a protein-heavy diet that’s heavy in lean proteins like chicken, turkey breast, and eggs. Here’s an example of what CT Fletcher eats over the course of a day.

First meal: Omelette of 12 egg whites, a portion of veggies, and 1-2 portions of turkey or chicken.

Protein shake: One ISATORI Hyper-Gro shake.

Second meal: Large portion of salad with one can of Albacore tuna.

Third meal: Ground turkey.

Fourth meal: Two cups of white rice.

Fifth meal: Eight ounces of chicken breast.

Sixth meal: Two cups of white rice.

Protein shake: One ISATORI Hyper-Gro shake.

Image Credit: “Novice – Joe Walkers Lakes Classic 2016” by NAPA MEDIA is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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