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Jay Cutler is an American professional bodybuilder, who as many may have noticed upon Googling, shares his name with a pro Football quarterback. While I’m sure the other Jay Cutler also has a great set of supplements to recommend, in this article, we’re going to show you the supplements that Jay Cutler the bodybuilder uses to help sculpt his body to epic proportions.

Just how jacked is Jay Cutler? Enough to take home a whopping four years of first-place Mr.Olympia trophies, for 2006, 2007, 2009, and 2010. If that doesn’t tell you that someone has reached peak fitness, I’m not sure what would.

Cutler has also been featured on the front of numerous bodybuilding and fitness magazines, including Flex, Muscle and Fitness, and Muscular Development. Part of reaching Cutler’s level of body mass and definition is taking the right supplements before and after your workouts. So what supplements does Jay Cutler take? Find out below.

Jay Cutler Supplements

What supplements does Jay Cutler take?

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Source: Muscle and Fitness

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Jay Cutler Diet

As a body builder, Jay Cutler needs to stick to a fairly strict and consistent diet to maximize his nutrition and results. Specifically this means consuming a daily calorie intake of 4,700 calories, the majority of which come from high carb and high protein foods, as well as healthy fats. So what exactly does Cutler eat to build and maintain his world class physique? We’re going to break it down for you.

First meal: Two eggs, two cups of egg whites, two slices of Ezekiel bread, two packets of oatmeal, one testosterone pill, and one scoop of whey protein powder.

Second meal: 12 ounces of chicken breast with two cups of brown rice.

Pre-workout supplements: One scoop of a pre-workout muscle building supplement, one scoop of amino acid powder.

Supplements while working out: One scoop of a muscle enhancing supplement.

Post-workout supplements: One scoop of a post-workout muscle building supplement, two scoops of  BCAA supplement.

Third meal: 60 ounces of Gatorade and three scoops of whey protein powder.

Fourth meal: 12 ounces of sweet potato and 14 ounces of chicken breast.

Fifth meal: 2 cups of brown rice and 12 ounces of chicken breast.

Sixth meal: Two cups of broccoli and 6 ounces of beef filet.

Source: Born to Workout

That’s right: Cutler only uses these five supplements, on top of the diet listed above and exercise, to keep his body in its near-perfect condition. The important thing is eating nutritiously and taking these supplements consistently before and after a regular workout routine. So if you’re looking to body build, or simply want to get in better shape, try incorporating this diet and these supplements into your routine!

Image Credit: “Jay Cutler – Loaded 030” by Morten Skovgaard is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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