Adidas Alphaskin Tights Review

There’s a lot of workout gear options out there. As they come in every shape and size, and with infinite variations and specifications, picking the right one gets tough. Anyway, compression clothing isn’t always the most appealing option. You may think of it as uncomfortable, too tight, or movement-restricting. Yet, Adidas came out with an amazing collection that will surely change your mind. On this occasion, we will present to you the Alphaskin tights.

adidas Women's Training Alphaskin Sport Long Logo Tights

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The Design

The Adidas Alphaskin tights are made from a strong and highly-stretchy material that provides great structure and comfort. That is a so-called Kinetic Wrapped Construction that gives you that locked-in feel.

The garments come in 3 different compression grades, that you can choose based on your needs, preferences, and type of workout. The first one is Alphaskin 360, which has the highest compression degree. The Alphaskin Tech corresponds to a mild-level compression sleek design that still grants that secure feel. And finally, the Alphaskin Sport is the lightest compressive one that allows the basic supportive feel.

All three degrees involve flat, bonded reflective seams that guarantee a smooth feel and a zero-distraction workout. In addition, breathable fabric with CLIMACHILL technology is brought to you to keep you fresh through your practice.

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Performance Features

The Alphaskin tights, as well as the rest of the collection, were thought so that they could keep up with every athlete’s essential needs. The best thing is that they allow free movement.

This smooth movement comes as a result of each section matching the anatomical structures they surround and going along with the physiological motion range of the body. Therefore, not only unnatural friction between fabric and skin is removed, but also performance is enhanced by eliminating unwanted distractions. No one likes to be worrying about their clothing when they’re working out. Besides, when you look good, you are more upbeat and motivated.

This product supports your muscles so well that you can be confident that your body will be safe from injures no matter if you’re lifting weights or doing cardio. It is perfect for any demanding exercise, especially for running and endurance style workouts.

For example, if you’re a softball player, you want a sports gear that allows you to run as fast as you need to in order to score. Either you’re on a practice drill or a match, you need to feel comfortable and confident that you’ll be able to perform at your best. Even when your body reaches the point of muscle fatigue, your body will have overall adequate support that will help you give that last push till the end of the game.

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Other Features

We’ve talked a lot about muscle support in this Adidas Alphaskin leggings review, nonetheless, this Adidas revelation has more to give.

Contrary to what you may be thinking to this point, the fabric isn’t so thick. It actually breathes really well, thus it dries rapidly, but it doesn’t let all the outside cold to get in. therefore you can wear these leggings in any weather.

As a plus, it counts with a built-in UV coverage for extra relief. You won’t be worrying about overheating or feeling too cold at all, due to their CLIMACHILL technology.

Lastly, if you want to wear them underneath another garment or alone, they won’t make you feel uncomfortable at all. Thanks to their kinetic wrapped construction and bonded seams, the silky smooth anatomically-adapted feeling remains no matter what.

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  • CLIMACHILL Technology
  • Support for dynamic movement
  • Locked-in feel
  • Kinetic wrapped construction
  • Long length details
  • Reflective details
  • ARAMIS system
  • Compression levels: Aplhaskin 360, Alphaskin Tech, Alphaskin Sport
  • Flat, bonded reflective seams
  • Distraction-free fit.
  • Sleek design
  • Compression fit
  • Long length
  • 83% recycled polyester, 17% elastane double-knit
  • Moisture-absorbing AEROREADY
  • Supportive workout tights
  • Adaptive-fit Alphaskin
  • Elastic waist and mesh ventilation
  • UV 50+ factor
  • Anti-odour Polygiene
  • Colors: Black, Navy, White, Red
  • Product code: CF7339

9.5 Total Score
Perfect mix of compression and comfort.

The Adidas Alphaskin tights are made from a strong and highly-stretchy material that provides great structure and comfort. They offer a locked-in fit for muscle protection while featuring a breathable and stretchable fabric that will take your workout to the next level.

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